Manufacturers and Products

The KITAGAWA GAS DETECTOR TUBE SYSTEM is trusted by industries worldwide to detect gases and vapors, simply and reliably, without the need for calibration effort or power supply.
KUPC presents a range of superior gas sensors, suitable for industrial, residential and commercial environments. We can assist your Company in building and installing quality gas detection products more cost effectively.
Some gases are highly reactive and difficult to handle and store using traditional cylinders. Chlorine is one of these gases. With traditional cylinders, accuracy and shelf life of the stored gas is extremely poor. To overcome such problems, the GazCal Gas Generator was developed for Chlorine (Cl2).
Our personal and portable monitors provide both single and multiple gas monitoring options for Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, flammables and a wide range of toxic gases. They offer trusted and comprehensive protection for workers on the move.
  • ranges of pumps (completeness, application fields)
  • constant research and innovation (with each range of plus)
  • the experience and know-how (patents, r & d)
  • guaranteed quality (certification, suppliers)
  • production entirely in Italy (check-up continuously, organizational development, best production techniques)
Tubes are available in either seamless or welded forms and are manufactured in much the same way as pipes. The main differences is that whereas pipe is manufactured to nominal bore sizes, tube is manufactured to various metric and imperial outside diameter sizes.
 Instrumentation valves
We offer a comprehensive array of Industrial Products such as Instrumentation Fittings, Pressure Gauge Accessories and Instrumentation Valves.
 EX ATEX Electrical equipment
  • Lighting fixtures
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Floodlight
  • LED Traffic lights
  • Portable LED torches
  • Floodlight

Valtorc’s actuators are the key instrument used when automated a valve package.  We offer multiple solutions to this common need.


Find the perfect valve for your industrial application and project.  Valtorc’s American valves are industrial grade, high quality and perform well under any conditions.  Our brand of valves are made in the USA and tested and shipped from our Georgia factory location.


Global Pump High Performance Trash pumps are specifically designed to effectively handle a wide range of liquids from water and sewage, to sludge that can contain solids and other material.


Global Pump’s mobile generators are designed for construction, industrial, oil and gas exploration, special events, and emergency applications. With a perfect combination of reliability, user-friendly functions and superior quality Global Pump’s generators are the ideal, reliable option for rugged rental applications.

Global Pump QD Fittings assemble quickly, providing tight seal connections that eliminate leaks. The Global QD Fittings are precision crafted from galvanized steel, providing a longer life at a lower operating cost.
  • Green PVC suction hose
  • Spiral suction hose
  • Rubber suction hose
  • PVC discharge hose
  • Flanged composite hose
  • SS chem hose
  • Layflat water transfer hose
We offer economical HDPE pipe from 6″ to 36.” HDPE Pipe is ideal for many pumping applications including municipal, industrial, energy, underground construction, and others.
The Light Tower provides 4000 watts of light anywhere you need it: Construction, Emergency, Industrial, Mining, Civil Engineering and Event Lighting. With metal-halide lamps these light towers will provide light coverage for over 5-7 acres.

The Road Ramps are the solution when a temporary crossing is required over a pipeline. Ideal for use in bypass pumping, dewatering, or water supply, the Road Ramps allow pumping across a road or access area.Whether commercial, industrial or residential, Global Pump Road Ramps allow low traffic access across 4-inch to 24-inch pipelines.


The Fuel Cube is a transport-approved, double-walled fuel tank. It is specifically designed to provide on-demand fuel supply (environmentally and efficiently). Available with DOT-approved highway trailer.


Our product line boasts broad capabilities – from the workhorse 3600 and A series to a wide variety of Bulk Liquid Handling, High Pressure, and Severe Duty Pumps.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Since 1972, Roper Pump Progressing Cavity Pumps have operated in wastewater applications and a broad range of industrial applications, including: environmental technology, food processing, chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, and petroleum production.

Diaphragm Pumps

We offer a versatile range of durable and reliable pump solutions that can be customized for any application. All products are made in America.


Managing instances of excessive pressure in industrial plants is a basic element of safety both for structures and technicians. Rupture discs are, as of today, the perfect tools to guarantee complete safety.


Orifice flanges, normally, are Raised Face (RF) or Ring Type Joint (RTJ). Special tapings are machined into opposite sides. The flanges are principally used in conjunction with meters to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases in a given pipeline.


Tube plates are commonly used in heat exchanger applications. Each plate is spot drilled many times across the face of the flange to accommodate tubes and may also be drilled and tapped too. Thanks to investment in the latest Doosan VTS1620M, we can manufacture these flanges in diameters of up to 2000mm.


We provide API certified guide or float shoes, float or landing collars, different types of centralizers, scratchers, cement baskets, stage-cementing collars, differential fill-up equipment.


NE-B Series Centralizers are specially designed for vertical wells wherein low starting forces as well as high restoring forces are required. The Bows of these Centralizers are heat treated in special furnace which gives it a peculiar ‘bow spring’ action.


We provide a wide variety of industrial Filter, we also manufacture products as per our customers requirements.