HSE Policy

Principles of the organization’s health and safety are:
– Making decisions on the basis of data on occupational hazards;
– Involvement of employees in the formation and implementation of policies that improve conditions and safety, prevention and infrequent cases of occupational diseases;

Main policies on health and safety :
– Compliance with laws and other regulations on occupational safety and health ;
– Continuous improvement activities to ensure health and safety and its effectiveness;
– Continual improvement of working conditions , improved safety , assessment and reduction of risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases and their control ;
– Priority financing of measures to improve conditions and safety ;
– Enhancement of the skills of workers in the field of occupational safety and health ;
– Bringing the policy requirements to people in the organization , contractors and other external personnel;
– Openness and accessibility of health and safety for all stakeholders .

The organization’s leadership is committed to regularly review the management system of health and safety and to provide the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy and encourages all employees to support the activities in the field of health and safety in their daily practice.