Quality Policy


Continuous improvement of the quality of design services, the most satisfying needs and expectations of consumers and providing stable earnings growth.


Senior management undertakes to ensure the achievement of this goal and believes its core activities:
Committed to the quality level that will strengthen the company’s position in the market in a competitive environment.
Expansion of the market due to the quality, increase the services provided.
Improving economic and financial situation of the company and the welfare of its employees.


Leadership leaders at all levels , in improving the quality of design services .
Continuous improvement of services, cost reduction and risk harm to the environment , innovation and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction in the first place, the end user – the customer, as well as employees of the institution.
Productivity growth by improving processes provide design services, continuous training of engineering and construction and installation workers, improve working conditions and create a social base of the plant to motivate personnel.

Creating favorable conditions for initiative and creativity, creating an atmosphere of business cooperation based on mutual trust, honesty, harmony and joint problem-solving, motivation of all ideas and proposals aimed at continuous improvement in all spheres of activity of the enterprise.


Senior management is committed to ensure compliance with requirements and continually improve the quality management system, and is responsible for the formation of the priorities in the field of quality.
Heads of departments are responsible for the proper understanding and strict enforcement of each employee division of the Quality Policy.
Each employee is personally responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy at his workplace.