Tube end milling unit MF3-25



Working range:
Tude outside diameter: min 20,0 mm – max 63,5 mm
Inside tube diameter: min 12,5 mm
Tube wall thickness: max 15 mm
Minimum width of membrane wall ports: 56,0 mm
Spindle stroke: 25,0 mm
With pneumatic drive: 8,8kg
With electric drive: 10,3kg
Pneumatic geard motor:
Power: 740W at 6 bar
Operating pressure: 6-7 bar
Air consumption at full load: 0,96 m3/min
Compressed air connection: R 1/4″
Electric geared motor:
Power consumption/connection voltage: 1200W/230V
Besides the conventional design in wich the motor and the milling spindle are arranged in line, the unit is in request provided with an angle drive. Therfore, it can be used in special situations if for limited space applications, if a short overall lenght is required.