Torquing Pumps


The torquing pumps are not something you buy from hydraulic pump suppliers. It is a pumping unit designed and engineered specifically to accommodate the rigorous conditions a Torque wrench system raust withstand. The difference? Hydraulic torque wrenches require constant cycling, which destroys any standard off-the-shelf pump. They are also not used continuously for hours and hours, so heat build-up is rare. Most of the time, the pressure reading doesn’t even need to be precise. The Pumping Unit fits the application. It is the most accurate, heavy-duty pump available. If applied in dusty environments, in heat or below zero, intermittently or continuously, it lasts!
Key features:
• Air and eletric models.
• 10 liter oil reservoir.
• Precision-adjustment valve.
• Hydraulic pressure regulator.
• Day-glow, twin-line hoses.
• 4-way double-acting 700 bar valve.
• Calibrated 10,000 psi gauge.
• Quick disconnect fittings.