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TorqLinks Features:
Self-contained, integrated cylinder Integral reaction point designed to fit all ANSI B16.5 and API flanges. A 100% duty use, industrial grade torque wrench offering +/-3% calibrated torque accuracy. The same quality, sound engineering design and total longevity as our HydraLinks product line of interchangeable wrenches. The same nose radius, width, hex dimensions and specifications as the HydraLinks QD series tools – but 25% lighter in weight. Interchangeable parts with the HydraLinks hex links. Multi-axis swivel assembly – full 360˚ rotation.

There are several different jobs that need to be accomplished on any given application. The quick disconnect feature allows one cylinder to be attached to either a conventional square drive link or newly developed hex link for the versatility you demand. The hydraulic cylinder can accept four separate links: square drive, ratcheting hex, nut splitter, and flange spreader. The operator can efficiently handle any application – less time, versatile efficiency, equals more money on the job.