Monster Grip – stud removal and driver tools

Stud remover


Features of MONSTER GRIP – stud removal and driver tools:
Removing studs in tough environments can be a very long process, sometimes taking hours, days, or even weeks. Using Monster Grip® on your next stud removal application can reduce labor cost and increase revenues by 2,000 percent. Monster Grip® is the only single tool on the market that can not only remove studs but also drive them. This easy-to-learn tool can be quickly changed from a stud remover to a stud driver by simply switching the direction lever of the power tool. Stop tapping, drilling, or cutting to remove those stubborn studs and start using the time-saving and cost-effective Monster Grip® Tool. The uniquely designed gripping system allows the operator to efficiently apply thousands of pounds of torque directly to the stud with minimal force loss. Monster Grip®’s engineered design directs all the gripping force to the center of the stud which eliminates “side-loading” problems. This virtually eliminates possible damage to the tapered hole of the application.