Magnum – pneumatic torque wrench system


Features & benefits of MAGNUM – pneumatic torque wrench system:
Combines the power of impact and han torque wrenches in one tool. mutiplier increases speed an productivity, as well as accuracy. Interchangeable multiplier sets: Model 800,1800,3000 & 4500.

Competitive engineered design advantages:
Easy torque set-up – the operator only has to set the required on the first bolt of the application, all other bolts will have the same torque applied after initially set. Non-impacting and operates at a smooth and continuous speed, allowing the operator to use the tool for longer periods of time – safe and ergonomic. Made from a super alloy steel, increasing durability and life.

Calibrated torque / PSI chart:
Calibrated torque – psi chart allows users to dial in the psi air pressure on the lubricator / regulator that corresponds with the desired torque listed on the chart.
Lubricator / Regulator control unit:
Large volum industrial lubricator- extends life of air motor. Ensures torque accuracy. Comes standard with a 1/2″ ID air hose with quick coupling. storage area for air torque tool, air hose, sockets and accessories. Convenient shoulder strap and easy lifting handle.