Destroyer – hydraulic nut splitter


Light industrial series:
Hand pump power offered as convenient integral hand pump series (sizest M16) Also offered as stand-alone units that can be operated with a separate hand pump and hose (sizes to M27). Time saving and cost-effective for smaller nut splitting applications.


Industrial series:
10,000 psi double acting powered by hydra links cylinder. Quick-change chisel design. Fits ANSI B16.5 and API 6A flanges. Large range on nut sizes. Multi-axis swivel for hydraulic lines.


Heavy industrial series:
21,750 psi Double Acting Powered by TP3OK air pump. Split nuts up to 6-1/8″ hex.3-sided quick-change ULTRA Chisel. Fits ANSI B16.5 and API 6A flanges. The most compact design vail-able.
Destroyer features:
Tired of galled, stripped or stubborn nuts and bolts causing you tremendous delays during the most crucial times? Are you tired of wasting time trying to get hot work permits to perform a very unsafe practice of burning off nuts? Bolttech has the solution – our full line of destroyer nut splitters. They are the smallest and most compact design in the world. Whether you are looking for light industrial, industrial or heavy industrial, Bolttech has what you need. Bolttech offers our destroyer nut splitters in three different series to accommodate any nut size encountered.