A boroscope is an optical device consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eye piece and an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system in between.

Fiber optics Inspection (Boroscopy) is a remote visual examination technique/tool for determining the presence of internal defects includingi nternal cracks,intensity of corrosion or erosion,oxidation or internal deposits,degree of damage,pitting and presence of foreign objects any directly inaccessible area of component through Inspection hole,tube cutting opening and its other integral parts etc.

The optical system in some instances is surrounded by optical fibers used for illumination n of the remote object .
An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eye piece which presence it too the viewers eye. Rigid or flexible borescope may be fitted with an imaging or video device.


Boiler highpressure parts were subjected to remote visual inspection i.e.Fiberscopy. Based on the specific requirements of the client, the general objectives of this inspection are :

  • To examine the condition of internal surface of pressure parts.
  • To determine the presence of internal defects including cracks,intensity of erosion, corrosion, pitting or presence of foreign objects such as dust agglomerates,welding/grinding chips,other extraneous matter in the locations for examination.