The efficiency of the Air Cooled equipments gets affected over a period of time due to deposition of insects, birds dropping, coke fines, Cement particles, coal dust and other foreign matter and for the efficient working of the coolers, the same have to be removed on a regular basis as they restrict air flow. To achieve the same we have developed our ”ARUFOAM” Technique.

This system is designed to chemically remove accumulations of organic and inorganic deposits such as Oils, dust, dirt and caked products formed on particularly intricate inaccessible areas that inhibit heat transfer. We apply a heavy ”SHAVING CREAM LIKE” foam into and around the cooler fins.In this particular application, the process primarily uses foam ridden solvents, which has high penetrating capacity combined with property to reduce the surface tension and ensuring consistent quality of Foam with very HALF LIFE period. This is an important factor in Foam Cleaning technique.

The Foam ridden solvents are allowed to soak for a period of time to permit penetration thereby reducing the adherence of the scale to the surface. Later, the surface is lanced with abundant quantity of water at low pressure to flush out the dislodged scale. In our experience and trial studies, we found that this technique is much suitable for cleaning of the fins where deposits get trapped in inaccessible intricate areas.


It has proven to be more efficient and faster than traditional cleaning. Normal water jetting cleaning fragile ling fins, compacts dirt and debris into the center of the cooling unit, thus significantly reducing cooling efficiency. On the other hand, foam process is a low pressure cleaning method, which gently soaks away dirt and debris throughout the entire system.

  • Bio degradable foam and hence disposal is not an issue.
  • No damage to fins as we will be operating at low pressures
  • Provides great surface contact and hence better cleaning than other conventional process.
  • Very short cleaning time
  • Set up time for our equipment is less than four hours.
  • Safer for Aluminium as well as Copper Fins.
  • Fire water can be used for flushing provided the same is clear.
Foam Cleaning

Partial List of Clients

  • Refinery.
  • PetroChemical Industries.
  • Power Plant.
  • Processing Industries.
  • Fertiliser/chemical Industries.