XERIC Redefining the standard for progressing cavity pumps; helping industry run smoother with reduced downtime and improved energy efficiency


XERIC is designed and engineered for the most challenging applications.

Revolutionary Pumping Element:

  • No stator rubber to potentially fail Actual run dry capability
  • Doesn’t require constant monitoring
  • Unsurpassed chemical resistance
  • More than 2X pressure per stage
  • Patented laminated disk design
  • Labyrinth seal effect between precision fit rotor and proprietary XERIC alloy steel stator

Superior Capabilities:

  • High temperatures, stator rated to 600°F, pump to 450°F
  • Higher viscosity applications, 320cSt – 1,000,000cSt
  • Higher pressure capabilities, 150psi per stage
  • Addresses challenge of incompatible elastomer and fluid
  • No requirement for constant inlet feed
  • Gentle transfer of shear sensitive liquids

Install Options:

  • Complete Xeric Legacy Series and ES Wide Throat range of pumps
  • Ability to upgrade existing pump regardless of OEM to Xeric technology