The stainless steel limit switch and valve position monitor is a high quality product with a compact and heavy duty body. A very cost effective solution to any actuated valve package. The valve positioner is highly visible and the limit switch is designed for easy wiring and installation.

Series LSN4-SS (Stainless Steel)

The stainless steel valve position monitor and limit switch is a great addition to your actuated valve package.  Easily determine the position of any valve setup with a quick glance on the industrial grade dome.  High quality and durable switch with easy wiring and an easy to read valve indicator.

  • Stainless steel housing body
  • Compact design allows the limit switch to be installed in compact areas and the ability to adjust the position of the valve package
  • Quick set cams allow for easy adjustment – spring backed cams that are not affected by vibration
  • The wiring design is made simple.  Each limit switch is designed with two conduit entries (1/2″ NPT available upon request).
  • One terminal strip with a 8 point angled to allow for easy wiring and adjustability
  • Mounting brackets are included – made from stainless steel as a standard (NAMUR 80×30 H30 standard mounting)
  • Limit switch comes with captive cover bolts that are made from stainless steel