The series 525-SN sanitary multi-port (3-way or 4-way) ball valve is made from 316 stainless steel available in sizes 1/2″ – 4″. The 525-SN is available in L/T/X or I port configurations with tri-clamp, tube weld and extended tube weld connection ends. 100% air tested under water at 80-100PSI.

Series 525-SN (3-Way or 4-Way Configuration)

The multi-port sanitary ball valve is designed with an ISO direct mounts – a smart way to save on the cost of sanitary pipelines and space.  The 525-SN is designed with a cavity filler which will will the body of the valve cavity over 95%, this keeps the internals clean and helps eliminate contamination.  Non-cavity filler is an option for your special use.  Valves with PTFE/PFE coatings are available upon request.  Please contact our sales office for availability.  Also offered in NPT (threaded) connection ends.


  • Available in sizes 1″ – 4″
  • 3-way and 4-way valve configurations
  • Body & end caps quality investment casting
  • Available in stainless steel or carbon steel
  • ISO 5211 direct mounting pad
  • Adjustable stem packing
  • Blow-out proof stem design
  • Available in L/ T/ X/ I-port
  • Available in 3- Way or 4-Way in block body type with Cavity filler
  • 100% air tested under water at 80-100 psi
  • Temperature range -20 F to 450 F
  • End type: T-Clamp, Tube Weld, Extended Tube Weld