Gear operator PVC butterfly valves are available in sizes from 8″ – 24″. ANSI D-16.5 class 150 flat flanges with a one piece stainless steel shaft for positive disc rotation and support.


Series PVC-320 (Gear Operator Style)

Economical choice for butterfly valves – our PVC butterfly valves are not only durably and made from a heavy duty material – but also a very affordable and economic option to your project or service need.  These butterfly valves are ideal for the following applications:  water parks, fountains, aquariums, light-duty chemical and waste water.

  • Available in wafer or lug butterfly valve types
  • Available in sizes 8″ – 24″
  • PVC / polypropylene body material
  • Easy installation due to narrow face to face design
  • One piece design
  • Standard polypropylene (PP) disc for higher temperature
  • Temperature rating of up to 180F
  • Full body liner seat with integral flanges
  • Class 150#
  • EPDM, Viton or BUNA-N seats and (disc) O-ring available