Pulsation Dampeners

Always ‘ACTIVE’ and performing

SELENE Thermoplastic or metallic pulsation dampeners.


All the displacement pumps impart to the liquid pumped , as direct consequence of the alternative motion of their pumping elements, pulsations and hydraulic shocks potentially capable to damage the entire pumping system.

The major advantages in using the dampeners Selene serie PDAare the following:

  • Stabilizes the flow generated by volumetric pumps.
  • Remarkably reduces vibrations;
  • Reduces liquid hammers;
  • Prevents pressure peaks;
  • Remarkably reduces noise;
  • Protects the instruments connected to the delivery line;
  • Reduces the down time and maintenance time of the plant.
  • Adapts and applies to viscous liquids and liquid laden with solids in suspension.


SELENE dampeners are produced with following materials:


PP+V(Polypropylene reinforced with glass fibers) Stainless Steel AISI 316
PP+C(Polypropylene reinforced with carbon fibers)

complies to Atex zone 1

Stainless steel AISI 316 electro polished
PVDF+C(Vynilidene polyfluoride reinforced with carbon fiber ) Aluminium
PVDF(Vynilidene polyfluoride)

on request and for mod. 75-100-150

POMc+V(Acetl polyoxymethylene  reinforced with glss fibears)