Metal seated stainless steel knife gate valve available in sizes 2″ to 24″ in a solid one piece design. No clogging full port design with a bonnetless, outside screw and yoke, non-rising hand wheel and rising stem. Meets TAPPI TIS 405-8 standards for stainless steel, flanged, wafer knife gate valves. 150PSI design pressure – flanges meet ANSI B16.5 standards.

 Series 4100 (Stainless Steel/Metal Seated Knife Gate Valve)

The stainless steel metal seated knife gate valve is a solid one piece cast body design in a corrosion resistant stainless steel metal.  Designed to handle dense mixtures of stock and slurries, the shearing action of the knife cuts through solids and cleans the seat as it opens and closes making maintenance very easy.  This valve is designed with a full port, non clogging design and the gate and the seat of the valve are machined and fitted to provide accurate shut off in one direction.


  • Available sizes 2″ – 24″
  • Heavy duty stainless steel (304 or 316) or carbon steel body
  • ANSI B16.5 class 150 dimensions
  • One piece cast body design
  • Full port – non clogging
  • Compact wafer design configured to TAPPI standards face to face
  • 150 PSI design pressure
  • Flanges match ANSI standards
  • Factory installed V-port inserts available by request
  • Metal seated valve design
  • Stocked in 304 and 316 stainless steel; 317 stainless steel available upon request
  • Normally supplied with hand wheel for manual operation; level, chain wheel, electric actuator, pneumatic air cylinder operator.


Solid one piece cast body in corrosion resistant stainless steel in a compact wafer configuration to Tappi standard face to face. Designed to handle dense mixtures of stock and slurries. The shearing action of the Knife Gate cuts through solids and cleans the seat as it closes.  Optional actuation options as well as knife gate stem extension available upon request.  Please contact our engineering department to configure your customized valve.

  • Smooth flow–non-clogging FULL PORT Knife Gate design with gate and seat are machined and fitted to provide shut off in one direction.
  • Bonnetless, outside screw and yoke, non-rising handwheel, rising stem that meets Tappi standard TIS 405-8 for stainless steel bonnetless, flanged, wafer Knife Gate Valves.
  • 150 PSI working pressure with flanges match ANSI B16.5-150 lbs. standard with all tapped holes, serrated gasket faces.  Also includes factory installed V-seat inserts available for metering or throttling service.