Floats Equipments

NeOz manufactures high quality Float Equipments designed and tested as per American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practices 10F.

The standard Float Equipments use the Manual fill Float Shoe and Collars which comes with the ‘Genora’ valve, a spring–plunger one way check valve to withstand high temperature and high flow rates and designed to meet API recommended practice 10F. The ‘Genora’ valve can withstand the abrasive wear of the mud and cement during mud circulation period. These are available in three different sizes so that the flow area can be optimized.

These products are designed in such a way so that the drillability is easy and no time loss with either conventional rotary bits or PDC bits.

NeOz Float Equipment are available from sizes 4-1/2″ till 36″ in various API grades seamless pipe with regular as well as special Threads. NeOz recommends using NeOz Cementing Plugs -rotational or non-rotational along with NeOz Float Equipments.

All NeOz Float Equipments are available with 24×7 technical support for the fast paced drilling industry. With our strong logistics partners we can provide you equipments within three days anywhere around the world based on our stocks and inventories.

Single & Double Valve Float Shoe


Float Shoe improves the chances of obtaining a successful cementing job at the casing shoe. NeOz Float Shoe is fitted with ‘Genora’ valve which is suitable for most of the applications.

The valve insures proper sealing in vertical as well as horizontal wells. The valves are PDC drillable and offered in various sizes based on the casing size.

The valves are made up of engineered composite material that provide maximum strength with high wear resistance properties keeping the temperature and flow rating intact.

The Float Shoe is available with single and double valve from sizes 4-1/2″ till 36″.

Up Jet & Down Jet Float Shoe

Up Jet and Down Jet Float Shoe re-direct the flow of fluid. This Float Shoe evenly disperses fluid through multiple ports. The up jet and down jet ports effectively distribute the fluid in the annular space both above and below the Float Shoe to help prevent the initiation of channeling. This helps the casing to be easily washed past ledges and tight sections.



Stab in Float Shoe

NeOz Stab in equipment is for cementing large diameter casing string through tubing or drill pipe. It provides greater accuracy in slurry displacement. The Latch profile is also available.

The stinger is drillable cast with PDC drillable alloy. These are available with Single & Double valve.


Single & Double Valve Float Collar

Float Collar acts as a back-up valve to the one located in the Float Shoe. All Float Collars are fitted with NeOz ‘Genora ’ valve.

It acts as a landing point for casing wiper plugs. The Float Collar allows the contaminated cement to be captured in the shoe track instead of being pumped in the annulus.

The pressure holding capability of a float collar when a plug bumps against it is referred to as bump pressure. The pressure from the annulus on the back side of the valve is called the back pressure. The bumping confirms that the displacement is complete. The ‘Genora’ valve and the cement around it are capable of withstanding long periods of circulation.


Stab in Float Collar


NeOz offers Stab in Float Equipment when Inner String cementing is required for Completion of well. It utilizes Aluminum receptacles which receives Stab in Stinger during Cementing operations.


Guide Shoe


The purpose of Guide Shoe is to guide the casing to cementing depth and re-inforce the bottom of the casing. The standard Guide shoe has a Cement nose which is easily drilled upon completion of cementing operation.


Reamer Shoe


NeOz Reamer Shoe is designed to run on all sizes of casing and liners. It gives an option to open the wellbore or move down past a ledge. This is an important aspect in the event wellbore restrictions and ledges are encountered. It is available with Tungsten Carbide. The Aluminium eccentric nose is PDC drillable.

This is compatible with all casing and liner hanger assemblies. It is available with Single and Double Valve combinations.