4-H2S-100-LA Hydrogen Sulphide H2S SS Gas Sensor, 0-100ppm

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4-H2S-100-LA Hydrogen Sulphide H2S SS gas sensor, 0-100ppm H2S


4-H2S-100-LA Hydrogen Sulphide H2S SS gas sensor with low alcohol cross-sensitivity

Measuring Range: 0-100ppm H2S. Maximum Overload: 500ppm H2S

Size: 4 series

Part no: 2112B0112402 (CLE-0112-402)


With two year expected operating life, this low range, 4-series standard sized sensor offers resolution of 0.1ppm and T90 response time of < 20 seconds. Sensor output current is proportional to H2S concentration in ppm range. This sensor has particualr advantage of low cross-sensitivity to alcohols.

Note: The graphic of this sensor is an example only and sensor cap/body colour may vary depending upon gas sensor type ordered or manufacturing modification. Please refer to individual datasheet for detailed information on this sensor and its dimensions.