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Hydrogen Sulphide H2S (H) SureCell Gas Sensor, 0-100ppm


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Hydrogen Sulphide H2S (H) SureCell gas sensor, 0-100ppm


Hydrogen Sulphide H2S (H) SureCell gas sensor

Measuring Range: 0-100ppm H2S

Size: 4 series

Part no: 2112B2023

The next generation of OEM gas sensors from Sixth Sense. Available as single sensors, in combination with a 4-20mA transmitter or as a complete housed solution.


SureCell is a revolutionary design of high performance electrochemical gas sensor. The unique features of SureCell and the potential advances for end product performance, make SureCell a truly cost-effective solution for gas detection equipment manufacturers and installers.

Based on over 25 years of R&D, SureCell embodies a number of technological advances to offer unprecedented performance in even the harshest environmental conditions:

  • The unique internal construction of SureCell ensures indefinite operation in extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Even during extended periods of exposure to high humidity, there is no leakage potential or signal loss.
  • Further design features provide reduced cross-sensitivity and increased stability.
  • Improvements in mechanical design ensure SureCell is high quality, reliable and dependable.
  • Advanced production processes result in a sensor that is both cost effective and available in high volumes.