Valtorc’s new actuated dribble control ball valve series is constructed with a high quality stainless steel ball valve, spring return/double acting pneumatic actuator and two (2x) Valtorc solenoid valves. Two voltage sources power solenoid valves while the spring return actuator supplies the package with a clean air source.

Actuated Dribble Control Ball Valve Package (Series DM-10/DRB-500)

Valtorc introduces the unique Series DRB-500 Dribble Control Valve package.  Valtorc International Dribble Control Valve Packages are a high performance solution to your industrial Dribble Control Valve needs.  Valtorc Dribble Control Ball Valves are available in sizes ranging from 1/2” to 6”.  Available end connections include Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Flanged.  Please contact our sales staff to inquire about your Dribble Control Ball Valve requirements.

Two stage positioning of the valve:
Comprised of solenoid, actuator and specially configured limit switch.

Filling Vessels:
Able to reduce flow rate at a given point during a filling operation  to more accurately fill a vessel

Flow Dampening:
Able to rapidly partially close, and then completely close.  This reduces water hammer and shock to pipes and valves


  • Dual flow positions for filling vessels or flow dampening
  • Fully adjustable set points allow the user flexibility to determine proper stage switching
  • Open / Closed limit switches provide additional valve end point monitoring
  • Factory assembled and tested, saving users and assemblers time and money
  • Industrial grade Valtorc Stainless Steel Ball Valve series
  • Valtorc Solenoid valves (2)
  • Valtorc Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator
  • Valtorc Actuator Positioner


  • Two voltage sources to power both Solenoid Valves (#1 and #2).
  • Contact logic (2), which may be provided by flow meters, scales, level sensors, or PLCs
  • Spring return Pneumatic Actuator with a clean air source

Dribble Control Valve Package