The high performance butterfly valve is available in sizes 2″ – 24″ with a one piece wafer or lug body. Body materials include stainless steel and carbon steel and sealing standards in conformance with ASME 150/300 class rating. Top flange is drilled to ISO 5211 standards and utilize a flexible lip seal concept when disc closes. The true choice in a high performance butterfly valve need – available manual or actuated.

Series 1200 (High Performance Stainless Steel Body, Class 150/300)

The high performance double eccentric butterfly valve is a great solution for any industrial need.  Made from top quality materials and with a long lasting design that’s made to fight corrosion and vibration.  Both wafer and lug butterfly valve designs offer bi-directional sealing as a standard in conformance with ASME.  Butterfly valves are available for saturated steam at 200PSI and 450PSI with a tight shut off vacuum to 2×10(2).

The unique seat design utilizes a flexible lip seal concept When the disc closes, this action causes a slight deflection in the seat, energizing the seat. During this energized position, the seat has a stored energy force constantly pushing against the disc. In addition to this “energized” force, when pressure is on the insert side, the pressure pushes under the lip which further amplifies the sealing force between the disc and the seat.


The offset disc produces a cam-like action, pulling the disc from the seat. This action reduces seat wear and eliminates seat deformation when the disc is in open position. The disc does not contact the seat when the valve is in open condition, therefore seat service life is extended and torques are reduced. As the valve closes, the cam-like action converts the rotary motion of the disc to a linear type motion effectively push the disc onto the seat.


Valtorc valves can be direct mounted with pneumatic actuators or electric actuators and actuator accessories for complete automation options such as far open/close and position controlled. Valves can be mounted with manual overrides.  Valves up to 2″ for class 150 and up to 4″ for class 300 can be supplied with lever handles for manual operation. Optional accessories for hand-lever operation can be provided for various flow control requirements. Pad locking can also be provided for preventing unauthorized operation

  • Available in wafer or lug butterfly valve types
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel body available
  • Available in sizes from 2″ – 24″
  • High strength 316 stainless steel stem for high torque applications
  • ASME class 150/300 body rating
  • Top and bottom bearings consisting of 316 stainless steel and TFE glass fabric liner bearing surface to securely support the stem
  • Disc stop is a machined position stop on the body that locates the disc in the seat to ensure maximum seat and seal life
  • Seat retainers in body and generally comes in the same material as valve body
  • Adjustable stem packing for easy access to the adjusting hex head nuts without removal of actuator
  • Complies with NACE MRO 103 standards
  • Fire safe seat design