Carbon Dioxide CO2 C4 Infrared CO2 2V Gas Transmitter


Quick Overview

Infrared Carbon Dioxide CO2 C4 sensor in 4 or 7 series standard size with integrated analogue 0.4-2.0V transmitter, 0-5000ppm. Optional: 0-1%, 0-2%, 0-5% or 0-30% volume CO2


Infrared Carbon Dioxide CO2 C4 sensor in 4 or 7 series standard size with integrated analogue 0.4-2.0V transmitter. Output on request

Measuring Ranges: Standard: 0-5000ppm CO2. Optional: 0-1%, 0-2%, 0-5%, 0-30% volume CO2

Sensor sizes: 4 or 7 series

Part no: 2112BC4-V

  • Analogue (voltage) standard output
  • Incorporated signal linearisation and temperature compensation suited for manufacturers without any specialist knowledge in IR technology
  • Standard sensor size 20mm (4 series)
  • Fast response
  • Robust construction
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity range
  • Low power consumption
  • ATEx approved version available on request

This high performance CO2 infrared sensor determines the level of infrared light absorbed when the target gas enters the sensor. The sensor features a long-life tungsten filament bulb and pyroelectric detector. Available in 4 or 7 series sensor sizes, this sensor also has the advantage of driver circuitry.

The C4 series of infrared gas detection sensors utilise NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) to monitor the presence of Cabon Dioxide CO2, on which the sensor is precalibrated.

This technique is based on the fact that the gas has an unique and well defined light absorption curve in the infrared spectrum that can be used to identify the specific gas. The gas concentration can be determined by using a suitable infrared source and analysing the optical absorption of the light that passes through the gas.

The sensor contains optics and incorporated electronics with software in order to provide an output that is linearised and temperature compensated. The type of output can be of analogue voltage type, 0.4-2Vdc (other voltages are available on request).

The sensor provides a linearised and temperature compensated analogue voltage output that is proportional to the gas concentration.