General use AWWA (American Water Works Act) butterfly valve series available in sizes 3″ through 24″ in a double flanged, mechanical join styles. 150PSIG, 250PSIG working pressure; bi-directional design with 304 or 316 stainless steel. Epoxy coated ductile iron with 304 or 316 stainless steel disc. EPDM, BUNA N, Viton, Silicone and various other seat materials available.

Series 1500 (AWWA Butterfly Valve Standard)

Our AWWA (American Water Works Act) general purpose industrial butterfly valve offer a bubble tight shut off against full rated pressure.  The AWWA butterfly valve’s are constructed per AWWA C504 standards and are suitable for bi-directional shut off and throttling service.  These valves are ideal for clean and dirty water and gases.  With a corrosion resistant shaft and stainless steel stem and adjustable and replaceable seats.


When minimum seating and unseating torque is a project requirement first choice should be given to Valtorc double and triple offset butterfly valves. By adding center line offsets to the traditional butterfly valve standard design run interference between the seal and seat is virtually eliminated.  Offset one places the shaft center line behind the seating plane. This offset reduces the majority ofseat-to-seal rubbing by allowing the seal to cam into the seat. Offset two moves the centerline of the shaft to the side of the pipe center line. This offset further reduces seat-to-seal rubbing by rotating the valve disc sealing plane away from the seat plane. The third optional offset rotates the seat sealing cone center line away from the pipe centerline. This final offset eliminates all seat-to-seal contact through the entire motion of the valve after unseating.

All Valtorc Series AWWA butterfly valves are equipped with a replaceable corrosion resistant body mounted seat. This seat is secured to the body with standard bolting practices, allowing easy field  replacement by maintenance personnel with no additional training. The design of the seat allows for more accurate machining operations than standard cast-in-body seats, producing higher final tolerance units. The replaceable seat is equipped with a resilient seal to ensure no residual flow between the seat and valve body.


Unlike the majority of American valve manufacturers, Valtorc International supplies valves with standardized bonnet mounts unless otherwise specified. The use of International Organization of Standardization (ISO) or Manufacturers Standard Society (MSS) mount dimensions allows for the attachment of standardized gearboxes and operators without the need for specialized adapters. Eliminating these adapters often reduces cost, minimizes overall dimensions of the valve package, and reduces weight.

Should there be a need to exchange or retrofit a newer operator this standardization expands options while reducing cost. The additional use of standardized stem diameters and key widths allows the direct mounting of many commercially available operators without any drive bush machining or adapter fabrication.


  • Available double flanged, mechanical join
  • Size range from 3″ to 24″
  • Available with cast iron, ductile iron body styles that conform to AWWA C504 specifics
  • Two part polyester Epoxy body coating
  • Epoxy coated ductile iron discs with 304 stainless steel or optional 316 stainless steel disc edge; all 304SS or 316SS coatings
  • Valve stems available in either 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel
  • Tapered bolts with locking nut offer valve stem retention
  • Working Pressure:  150PSIG, 250PSIG
  • Bi-directional shutoff
  • All valves are hydrostatic and leak tested per AWWA standards
  • EPDM seats and seals available