4400 Series

4400 Series

Tank truck pumps for fleets hauling crude oil, condensate, waste oil, and other abrasive materials

Heavy Duty Oilfield Pump


Applications Features Options
  • Tank truck pumps for hauling crude oil
  • Condensate
  • Well treatment chemicals
  • Produced water
  • Waste oil
  • Other abrasive liquids
  • Quick-fit seal cartridge offers one-step seal replacement
  • Four heavy-duty ball bearings give positive support to pumping gears
  • Large shaft diameters minimize shaft deflection at higher operating pressures
  • Wear-resistant bronze seal cartridges act as a bushing in the event of a bearing failure
  • PTO shaft drive or hydraulic motor drive
  • Integral hydraulic motor mounts for SAE B or SAE C size motors
  • High or low drive shaft position
  • Air pressurized oiler system is available
  • Adjustable air regulator with gauge ensures optimal oil flow

4400 Series


Theoretical Capacity Maximum
Maximum Flow at Maximum
Speed (0 Discharge Pressure)
Maximum Pressure Port
4456 1000RPM 500GPM (1893L/m) 125 psi (8.6 bar) 3” and 4” NPT

Materials of Construction


Housing Gears Bearings Shaft O-rings
Cast Iron Thru-hardened Cast Iron N/A Induction Hardened Steel N/A

Key Features


Standard Optional
  • Heat-treated, thru-hardened gears
  • Wear-resistant bronze quick fit seal cartridges
  • Induction hardened steel shafts
  • Four heavy duty ball bearings
  • PTO shaft drive or hydraulic motor drive
  • 3” and 4” NPT port
  • Air pressurized oiler system


4400 Series Performance Range
Capacity 500gpm 113m3/hr
Pressure 125psi 8.6 bar
Temperature 250F 121C