Delta – hydraulic tensioning system


Bolttech is known for solving the toughest bolting problems found in the industrial world today These basic practices go into every design and manufacturing detail of our stud tensioning line of tools. We design our tensioners with quality, simplicity and versatility of the specific application and user in mind. Bolttech’s delta series bolt tensioners maximize efficiency and minimize size for specific single stud size applications.
• Patented high pressure/ low friction seals are designed to outlast the competition and provide accuracy within 5% with a calibrated pumping unit.
• Environmentally friendly, using water-filled tensioning systems.
• The direct axial load is applied to the bolt and in-accuracies created through friction are alleviated


Octopus series: The octopus series sub sea was created to satisfy both the enviorment and the diver. As a result of our extensive research and develop¬ment, we were able to develop this new product which boasts these enhanced features: Manufactured from high-strength corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Fluorescent anti-slip gripping surface compact design quick-release reaction nut with spherical interface dual hydraulic ports 30mm stroke. Lifting strap 100% water based-system, no hydraulic oil! The quick-release reaction nut allows for quick and easy removal and installation to long bolts and damaged threads. With the introduction of our exclusive water-based system, Bolttech is the first company to deliver green bolting technology to this environmentally sensitive market.