Quarter turn electric actuator with NEMA4 housing (water tight and corrosion resistant). Electric motor available in 120VAC, 220VAC and 24VDC with a manual override handle. Torque output range between 347 In-lbs to 17,359 In.-lbs, CE and NEMA 4C approvals. Thermal overload protection available – Visible positioner indicates open/close status.


 Series EL-700 (Optional Modulating Rotary Electrical Actuator Board)

The heavy duty electric actuator series with NEMA 4X approvals is the solution for your valve actuation needs.  This actuator is water-tight, corrosion resistant and the exterior is powder coated for extra protection against the elements.  Standard power to open/close configuration with a thermal overload motor protection option that auto resets the thermal switch and trips when the maximum temperature is exceed.


Torque Output Range: 347in-lb to 17,359in-lb
Housing: NEMA 4, watertight, corrosion-resistant, powder coated, robust aluminum die cast
Electric Motor: 120VAC, single phase, 60Hz totally enclosed, non-ventilated, high starting torque, reversible induction type, Class F insulation
Thermal Overload Motor Protection: Auto reset thermal switch embedded in the motor winding – trips when the maximum winding temperature is exceeded
Position Limit Switches: 2 x SPDT for Open and Close travel limit – easily adjustable, cam operated
Position Indicator: Mechanical dome type with visible red/yellow closed/open indicator
Terminal Strip: Refer to wiring diagrams for details
Conduit Entries: 1 x 1/2” NPT for power and control wiring
Power Gears: Alloy steel spur gears to final stage aluminum bronze worm sector gear


  • Available for valves sizes 1/4″ up to 36″
  • Available for ball valve and butterfly valve products
  • Heavy duty design and body
  • Corrosion resistant design with powder coated casing
  • Conduit entries: 1 x 1/2: NPT for control and power wiring
  • Manual override handle
  • Position limit switch:  2 X SPDT for open/close travel time limits – dome is easily adjustable, provides red and yellow open/close indication for easily reading
  • Temperature range: -31F to +150F
  • CE and NEMA4X certified
  • Electric motor available in 120VAC, 220VAC and 24VDC (please specify which model and electric motor option is needed upon purchase)
  • Alloy steel spur gears for durability and long life span; terminal power strips
  • Thermal overload protection – protects the actuator from overheating once the winding temperature is tripped – actuator motor is shut off.